Getting Solutions for Your Hearing Problem

FEPO, the Foundation for the Hearing-Impaired, is well known
in Aruba for its expertise in assisting, counseling and supporting
citizens with mild to severe difficulty to grasp conversations or
other kind of sounds;

for its guidance to parents of hearing-impaired children, and also
for its promotion in the Aruban community of hearing protection
and better understanding of people having problems to grasp suf- ficient sounds to have satisfactorial communication with others.

FEPO is recognized by the Government of Aruba and has very
good ties of cooperation with AZV, the Aruba Foundation for
General Medical Insurance.

General Tasks of the Foundation

Citizens of Aruba suffering loss-of-hearing may approach FEPO at
all times for a free hearing-quality exam upon referal by the home- physician, or against a very modest fee if by his/her own will, and
receive counsel with respect to hearing problems and be referred
by FEPO to an ENT (ear-specialist) to be considered for the acquir-
ing of a suitable hearing-aid from FEPO.
Costs of hearing-aids, once the necessity thereof is established by
the ENT and approved by the AZV, are covered for the better part
by the latter requiring only a modest contribution by recipient.
FEPO furthermore offers speech-training services and counsel to
not only hearing-impaired or deaf people, but also to the parents
of children suffering loss-of-hearing.
FEPO also counsels via its Audiology Center about the possibility
of cochlear implants in children diagnosed as deaf at post-natal
controls by the White-Yellow Cross Foundation.

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